Single Dad

I’ve had this fantasy about babysitting for a single Dad for so long. Much more often when I was younger but it’s still in my mind sometimes. I’m home on college break and he offers to pick me up since my parents are out of town with their car and my car is in the shop. He goes to work and I spend time with his kids. After I get his kids to sleep, he walks in the door and looks so good in a suit. He sits down with a beer and takes off his jacket and tie and starts to tell me all about his day. He apologizes for venting and thanks me for being so great with his kids. He keeps drinking. After a little, he realizes he’s too drunk to take me home. He offers his bed to me and tells me he’d sleep on the couch. I tell him I’m not comfortable sleeping in his bed and he says something like, “Well, it’s been a while since I’ve slept in that bed with anyone..would you feel better if you weren’t alone?”

From there, it’s sort of vague – but my thoughts are always that he’s an amazing and attentive lover who hasn’t been with another woman since his ex-wife and he has all of that sexual energy pent up and I get to experience it all. He spends all of his time pleasing me and putting me first. As a younger girl – that’s not something many guys do.

(heterosexual female)

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