A Foot Fetish Makes a Better Lover

I LOVE that you highlighted foot fetishes. Having never been with a partner that had a foot fetish, I was a little shocked when a guy I was dating revealed that he had a foot fetish. I had a preconceived notion that anyone with a fetish was “weird” but he was really hot so I figured I would give it shot (I know that’s super shallow of me but I’m being honest). I am so glad that I did; the sensuality and passion that I received from that person was amazing! It was nice to have the focus taken off my reproductive anatomy and have someone passionate about other aspects of my body. Fast forward a decade later, I unknowingly married a man with a foot fetish and we have an ever-evolving and wonderful relationship. I don’t what it is about guys with a foot fetish but I want to let other women know that it’s nothing to be weirded out about and from my experience they are amazing lovers.

(bisexual female)

Midnight Masturbation

I woke up in the middle of the night (~12am) and had this intense desire to masturbate. I’ve never done that with my spouse sleeping right next to me. I did it anyway!

(female, lesbian)

First Sexual Experience – Nothing Special…

I waited longer than my peers thought I did to have sex for the first time, (17). I was very open-minded, and what sexual activity I have had was a bit more than others experience… (everything but sex) so I guess people assumed that I have all the experiences. But I remember my first time and it was with a slightly older boy and it was nothing special.

(heterosexual female with same gender experiences)

Hotwife and Swinging

Obsessed with hotwife, wife sharing, swinging etc. Happily married for about 12 years and love when my wife talks about her sexual past in detail when we are having sex. We have had several group sex experiences where she has hooked up with another girl and we have a couple in which we have had several full swap experiences with that fuel our minds over and over. The memory of her being eaten out and fucked on those occasions just continues to do it for me. Her moaning while blowing me as another guy fucked her is about as good as it gets. Then to go home and reclaim her is super hot. I appreciate all you are doing with your site and business and love to see more stuff on swinging, hotwifing, etc. Thanks, Nina.

(heterosexual male)