Foot Fetish

We check into a nice hotel and head to a suite on the top floor. I go get some ice and mix up some drinks. We step out onto the balcony to overlook the ocean and breathe in the salty air as we sip on our drinks. I reach over and put my hand on her hip and lean in to kiss the back of her neck. She squirms a little as the kiss is slightly ticklish to her. As I glance down after slowly pulling away from her neck, I notice she has just had a pedicure and the new color, something like a light magenta, looks amazing on her cute little toes. We sip some more and are already feeling the strong drinks.

My mind starts to wander about how soft her toes and soles of her feet must be right now. I begin to get hard and she leans in to kiss me as the sun is going down over the water. She tells me she’s getting a little tipsy and wants to rinse off in the shower before lying down in the bed to relax. I pour one more small glass of bourbon and sip on it as I take my clothes off and stretch out on the bed. Soon she returns from the shower and hops into the bed next to me. She stretches her legs out and lays her beautiful feet across my thighs. I comment on how pretty her feet and toes look and tell her I’m going to give her a great foot massage. I reach over and grab some lotion that has a sweet smell and is the edible kind. I place her feet on my lap and begin to lather her soles in the lotion and then move to the tops of her feet and in between each of her super cute toes. Her left foot is just a little bit ticklish so I apply a little extra pressure so she doesn’t squirm away. I then stand to face her so that I can lather my hands again and move up her legs and rub from her ankles all the way to her inner thighs.

I make sure my hands touch just close enough to her vagina that she takes a slow deep breath. As I lean over her and am touching her inner thighs, I am getting harder and my penis accidentally rubs against her toes. I immediately get an urge and I slide my fingers back down her legs and take her right foot in my hands. I ever so gently lift it up so that it is near my face and I give several kisses on the soles of her feet. I take my time to kiss the tips of each of her toes and I can taste the sweet lotion. I am very excited by now and a little more aggressively move in closer and run my tongue from the heel of her foot, up to the super soft soles and then move my tongue in and out between each toe. I then put her big toe in my mouth and suck back and forth and move along until I’ve tasted each perfectly pedicured toe. Next, I grab her left foot and make sure I enjoy kissing and licking this foot just as much as the right.

Just as I think I can’t get any harder, she lifts her other leg and rubs the sole of her foot over my penis. She then slides it under my balls and lightly tickles me with her toes and then massages back and forth which is driving me crazy. I don’t want to wait much longer now so I give one last suck on the sole of her foot and lick up the side of her leg and kiss each inner thigh and she’s getting wet. But I don’t go down on her yet. I grab a blindfold and cover her eyes and then bind her hands over her head.

I grab two cups from the nightstand. One with ice and the other with hot water. I put an ice cube in my mouth and move slowly towards her lips. I ever so slowly lean in my lips on hers and I feel her shiver a bit from the cold. I slip my tongue in her mouth and we pass the ice back and forth. As it melts in her mouth, I pull away and take a mouthful of the hot water. I wait a few seconds for my mouth to really get hot and then passionately kiss with my warm lips. I move on to her neck and she moans as I kiss and suck on her warm skin. My tongue explores her nipples and stomach and then begin to kiss her vagina. She exhales deeply and after several kisses, each one getting wetter, my tongue enters her to another deep breath and moan. I use my tongue, in and out as I let my hands wander to behind her legs. I lift her up just enough to grab her butt with both hands and give it a squeeze. I continue with my tongue and squeezing her butt, sometimes lightly and sometimes with force for several more minutes. When she almost can’t take anymore, she pushes me back and says she wants me inside of her.

I untie her hands and she removes the blindfold, but before I can jump up on top of her, she tells me to lay down on my back. I lay down and my erect penis stands straight up. She grabs my hands and ties them above my head. She takes the edible lotion and applies some to her soft soles, which turns me on even more. She then puts her feet in my face and tells me to taste them. I lick them up and down and again suck each of her toes. After that, she quickly takes her feet away and places my penis between her soft lotioned soles. She moves up and down slowly and it feels so good I can’t even move. I can’t take anymore and I get my hands free and pull her up on top of me. I grab her amazing butt and slide inside of her. She moves up and down on me as I continue to squeeze her butt. We keep going and going….. seemingly forever, and finally let out a scream together as we climax and she falls on top of me. We lay there together, exhausted, in love and completely satisfied.

(heterosexual male)

Single Dad

I’ve had this fantasy about babysitting for a single Dad for so long. Much more often when I was younger but it’s still in my mind sometimes. I’m home on college break and he offers to pick me up since my parents are out of town with their car and my car is in the shop. He goes to work and I spend time with his kids. After I get his kids to sleep, he walks in the door and looks so good in a suit. He sits down with a beer and takes off his jacket and tie and starts to tell me all about his day. He apologizes for venting and thanks me for being so great with his kids. He keeps drinking. After a little, he realizes he’s too drunk to take me home. He offers his bed to me and tells me he’d sleep on the couch. I tell him I’m not comfortable sleeping in his bed and he says something like, “Well, it’s been a while since I’ve slept in that bed with anyone..would you feel better if you weren’t alone?”

From there, it’s sort of vague – but my thoughts are always that he’s an amazing and attentive lover who hasn’t been with another woman since his ex-wife and he has all of that sexual energy pent up and I get to experience it all. He spends all of his time pleasing me and putting me first. As a younger girl – that’s not something many guys do.

(heterosexual female)

Bisexual MMF Threesome

A threesome with me and two men. I think it would be super hot if the two guys didn’t care if they played with each other, too. Not necessarily full-on sex between them, but the thought of two guys jerking each other off and playing with me, too, is so hot to me.

(heterosexual female)

Unfulfilled Hot Wife Flirting Desire

I have this thing where I get excited to be hit on when my man is with me. Something about knowing that he gets to claim me! He doesn’t get it, but whatever. It’s like flirting while he’s looking is exciting! I can’t do anything like that because he gets so mad at any guy even talking to me.

(heterosexual female – experimented with women)

FMF Threesome

To come home from work and see my wife making out with a woman before they eventually ask me to join in for a 3some. I know it’s not that crazy a sexual fantasy but it would be hot to me since I haven’t had a 3some…yet… 🙂

(heterosexual male)

Hot Gyno

I’m lying naked on the exam table getting a pelvic exam by a hot male gynecologist. He has a really gentle touch and smells really good. He has to examine my G-spot digitally. He has a female nurse in the room with us. While he is performing the exam with his fingers, the nurse has to talk me down so I don’t orgasm. But she is performing a breast exam on me at the same time. It’s taking a long time and it feels really good and I’m really turned on. She tells me that he needs more than just his fingers and he has to put his dick inside me. As soon as he does I come immediately and it’s the longest orgasm ever.

(heterosexual female)