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Hi! My name is Nina.

I’m a wife, a mom, a former health teacher, an entrepreneur, and a speaker. But that’s not really who I am; that’s what I do. Who I am is totally unfiltered, completely imperfect, and 100% unashamed.

My superpower is shining light on people’s greatest vulnerabilities that cause them to live in the dark. This skill is a learned muscle from decades of dealing with my own intrusive thoughts that were often emotionally paralyzing.

“Is something wrong with me for thinking this way?” and, “What would other people think if they knew this about me?” were just two worries of many that kept me from truly being myself in the bedroom, my relationships, and ultimately, my life. It wasn’t until I fully confronted this part of me that I learned to let go of fear, shame, and guilt.

Now, I use humor, candor, and compassion to help everyday people learn to embrace their most intimate desires and thoughts so they can STOP living with fear, shame, and guilt and START living with intention, authenticity, and radical self-acceptance.


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