A Foot Fetish Makes a Better Lover

I LOVE that you highlighted foot fetishes. Having never been with a partner that had a foot fetish, I was a little shocked when a guy I was dating revealed that he had a foot fetish. I had a preconceived notion that anyone with a fetish was “weird” but he was really hot so I figured I would give it shot (I know that’s super shallow of me but I’m being honest). I am so glad that I did; the sensuality and passion that I received from that person was amazing! It was nice to have the focus taken off my reproductive anatomy and have someone passionate about other aspects of my body. Fast forward a decade later, I unknowingly married a man with a foot fetish and we have an ever-evolving and wonderful relationship. I don’t what it is about guys with a foot fetish but I want to let other women know that it’s nothing to be weirded out about and from my experience they are amazing lovers.

(bisexual female)