“Humans crave connection,
not perfection.”

Why Real Talk with Nina?

In a world that has become dominated by social media’s portrayal of reality (see: totally not reality), humans are craving connection now more than ever.

How on Earth are we supposed to get to the bottom of who WE are (and freakin LOVE IT), when we spend the majority of our time filtering ourselves out of fear of being judged? I asked myself the same thing.

I thought, “If only I could create a community of AMAZING people who desire raw and real conversations about anything and everything human, who enjoy a ridiculous amount of sarcastic humor, who thrive on connecting with others on a deeper level, who believe that judging others should be left for courtrooms ONLY, and who are ready to get REAL with themselves…”


EVERYTHING I speak about is fundamentally based on my unshakable belief that humans crave CONNECTION, not perfection. We want to know that we’re not alone and that our differences won’t isolate us. This is a basic human need, friends. Now, let’s stop hiding and get REAL, shall we?


My absolute favorite thing to do! Not only will you learn more about yourself, but these are designed to provide you with skills that you can put into action immediately! We also have fun in the process – it’s how I live.

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