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Welcome to Real Talk with Nina – That’s ME!


I’m here to help you understand, embrace, and OWN your sexuality so you can become more self-aware, self-confident, and empowered in all other aspects of your life. I work with everyday people to help them learn how to embrace their most intimate desires and thoughts so they can STOP living with fear, shame, and guilt, and START living with intention, authenticity, and radical self-acceptance.


My entire life, I always felt as though my thoughts were anything but mainstream. They were intense, philosophical, and sometimes uncomfortable. As far as my sexual thoughts were concerned, I was convinced that I was the ONLY person in the world who had them. So, I believed I had two options – I could force myself into the proverbial mental box that would be met with the least resistance in life, or I could simply keep my thoughts to myself. 

I tried both and succeeded…miserably. 

In my early thirties, something shifted. I’m not sure if there was a single moment in time, but it happened…and I rolled with it. Instead of fighting my own thoughts and trying to drown them out with the expectations of others, I decided to just…let them be. I began to share some thoughts on social media, and something miraculous happened. 

“Same here, Nina!”

“OMG, you too?”

“Thank you for sharing this. I thought I was alone.”

“It’s about time a woman made a sexual joke! Keep ‘em coming, Nina!”

I remember feeling like I had this virtual army of people that were looking for me to keep feeding them my reality, so they could begin to accept their own. I began to attract other people who, just like me, were the outliers, the ones who were willing to be vulnerable because a true connection was that important to them. These were my people. 

Then, another revelation. I had to give back. I had to be the one to show people that their most vulnerable sides were NOT broken, weird, or shameful. They were amazing, powerful, and innately human. I started to pay attention to the pain points of other people. When did they close off the fastest? What topics seemed to create the largest elephant in the room? What did they feel they had to hide the most? It became abundantly clear. 


I found that sexuality is one of the most muted, shame-filled, guilt-ridden, uncomfortable parts of who we are. As more people reached out to me, I began to see that they really just wanted a safe space to unload their thoughts. They wanted to uncage all of their desires and fantasies and simply be told they were not alone.

Couples wanted to know that their sex life wasn’t destined for boredom. Women wanted to know that their sexuality could be celebrated, and not tamed. Men wanted to know that their struggles were shared by so many others, and it was ok if they didn’t adhere to stereotypical masculine behavior. And SO. MUCH. MORE.

So, here I am – helping you to truly explore your sexuality, both in and out of relationships. I have a 3-step process that I had a blast creating, and I can’t wait to share it with you! 

My 3-Step Process to Unleashing and Embracing Your Sexuality


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Hi! My name is Nina.

I’m a wife, a mom, a former health teacher, an entrepreneur, and a speaker. But that’s not really who I am; that’s what I do. Who I am is totally unfiltered, completely imperfect, and 100% unashamed.

My superpower is shining light on people’s greatest vulnerabilities that cause them to live in the dark. This skill is a learned muscle from decades of dealing with my own intrusive thoughts that were often emotionally paralyzing.

“Is something wrong with me for thinking this way?” and, “What would other people think if they knew this about me?” were just two worries of many that kept me from truly being myself in the bedroom, my relationships, and ultimately, my life. It wasn’t until I fully confronted this part of me that I learned to let go of fear, shame, and guilt.

From sex to relationships, body image to mental health – I go deep into it all because I truly believe there are no “weird” or “abnormal” thoughts out there. In fact, the more we shine a light on who we are, the brighter our world becomes.

Now, I use humor, candor, and compassion to help everyday people learn to embrace their most intimate desires and thoughts so they can STOP living with fear, shame, and guilt and START living with intention, authenticity, and radical self-acceptance.


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Every one of us grew up with quite a few messages about sex and relationships, am I right? As we grow up, some (see: a lot) of those messages conflict with what we are actually aligned with, and THAT’S when the inner struggle with guilt, shame, and fear come onto the scene.


What if you challenged all of the messages you’ve heard about sex and relationships, and REWROTE them to align with what works best for YOU as an individual – in and out of relationships?

How would you show up differently if shame, fear, and guilt were no longer attached to your sexuality or relationships? Pretty wild thought, huh?

Well, guess what? I’VE BEEN THERE. I’VE DONE IT. IT’S POSSIBLE…and now it’s your turn!



This is where we turn the light on in the room where shame has taken up residence. We do this by exploring, identifying, and understanding the desires and fantasies that are holding you back from embracing the very core of who you are, sexually. Before you get nervous about this step, please know that I have yet to be shocked or appalled by anyone’s fantasies or desires. It really all boils down to psychology, and that’s my jam. 

Step #2: OWN IT ALL

This step is all about CREATIVITY! Fun, right?! We dive into different aspects of your desires and brainstorm ways to potentially fulfill them. Think of this step as doing the research, but not quite writing the paper (yet). 

Step #3: MAKE IT HAPPEN (write the paper!)

This step is exactly what it sounds like. We work together to navigate the action steps for bringing your desires to life (if that’s your goal). 


  • You are looking to understand and get rid of shame around sexual desires/fantasies
  • You have specific fantasies that you would like to bring to reality
  • You have trouble communicating with your partner about what you want sexually
  • You want to introduce sex toys into your life, but don’t know where to begin
  • You and your partner want to (re)ignite passion and lust in your relationship

Whether you fall into one of those examples, or you don’t and still want to see if I can help, please fill out the form below to set up a complimentary discovery call!



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