“Humans crave connection,
not perfection.”

Why Real Talk with Nina?

Welcome to Real Talk with Nina – I’m Nina, and it’s about to get REAL!

Although both my undergraduate and graduate degrees were focused on mental health and sexuality, my fascination with both started in middle school. As a female with a very strong grasp on my sexuality, I found myself stifled, terrified, and caged up (not in a fun way, either).

I did not grow up in a religious household, nor did my parents drive oppressive messages about female sexuality into my brain. So, where did the inaccurate assumptions of my own sexuality come from? Good question. Here’s my answer…

It comes from the same place that most of our beliefs come from. Whether from religion, family and friends, the media, or our own experiences, most of us have received some pretty strong messages about how we are “supposed” to be, sexually. Those beliefs then shape who we are as sexual individuals, in and out of relationships. Over the past decade and a half, I have been reading, speaking, thinking, and thinking again, about a way to help people challenge the beliefs about their sexuality that may be holding them back from fully enjoying it. Then it hit me…


Pretty simple, right? Not quite. Regardless of how progressive we think the world is getting, sexuality is still very much taboo and not talked about. The problem with this? If nobody talks about it, then we will continue to think we are alone in how we’re feeling. That is a toxic place to be, folks. Talking about things begins to take away the power that it has over us and we are able to experience ourselves the way we deserve to – in our entirety!

Real Talk is about just that. Real and honest conversations about some of the most taboo and silenced topics around relationships and sexuality.  The truth is, if you strip away all of the “shoulds” in your head, and stop trying to fit a certain mold as a sexual being, you’ll find that you’ve only been tapping into a small percentage of what you’re capable of – in and out of the bedroom.

This community is not for the faint of heart, or for anyone who believes their way is the only way. It’s for those with an open mind who are looking to tap into their raw potential as a sexual rockstar. It’s for people who love to laugh because humor is my number one method of content delivery. It’s for those who are totally comfortable being uncomfortable – that’s how we grow, right? It’s for those who don’t bat an eye if a four letter word is dropped now and then. So, if that’s you, I am so excited to have you here, and I feel honored to be a part of your sexual road trip!

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